Brian G4DVS collection of Web sites   and SDR sites.     As on 24/10/16

Radio Rallies =      Elvaston Castle - June.    Derby - oldest.   MIDCARS / React.    Telford   For a well kept up to date   Rally list      For links

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More useful web sites=

Programs developed by DL5SWB   eg -  mini Ring Core Calculator    Use Opera to open,  NOT IE

QTH locator to a map      Says is obsolete

The QRA locator system has three disadvantages, which led to its replacement by the current Maidenhead system:   It does not cover the whole earth but only an area of 48° by 24°.

If we try to cover a larger area by repeating the letter references, the a given locator corresponds to more than one places on the earth.


Conversion from longitude and latitude to locator reference and vice versa is somewhat complicated.

Current   Locator system

free propagation tools

HAM radio software

Gabriel Sampol   of      Mallorca     Extensive Personal site

Brian's Ludicrously Large Links Page   (Not by G4DVS!)

NGR to  IARU  QRA locator   Locator    needs 8 character NGR no spaces    Software allows licensed Amateur Radio stations to communicate with one another over the Internet, using streaming-audio technology.     Voice of America   Propagation.   Installed the program.     See note     free version of  Ham Radio Deluxe 5.2     Downloaded it

Current pay for versions

  The DXZone is the largest human created and maintained library of web sites dedicated to Amateur Radio

  SDR Receivers   Software

 Good reviews

QTH Map program   Locator accurate to 5Mtr     Gives locator a 10 digits     and even more accurate  Latitude & Longitude

Mixed mode helix AE for 2M 70cms     HF loops

QTH locator on Google maps

Coax    Coax loss calculator

Coax loss


Properties for  long list of coax types

2m across Atlantic     2014   done Canada to Ireland    not 2 way

Good general on amateur radio

Shows lightning strikes  in Europe

   Shows lightning strikes  in Europe   can zoom

Ability to select the bands independently or as a group to see real time activity including the operating frequency, very handy, but not only that the ability to choose the mode

Amateur Radio Technical Notebook Something on generators

Bias circuits for Transistor Linear amps.

Screen grid stabilisation   for low IMD

Toroidal and other chokes

Lots of aerials  Homebrew Idea

HF to LF/MF Linear Transverter with 500kHz Class D     EER Power Amplifier

     Callsign  search site

Callsign  search site    better

UK Repeater List

USA info      a Pretty Excellent Receiver for Software-Eager Unperceivable Signals!!    2007, PERSEUS is the exciting new SDR

PERSEUS SDR RECEIVER    A site mainly dedicated to Mediumwave Dxing

Free technical manuals

Weak Signal Communication Software      VNWA is a Vector Network Analyser

Vector Network Analyzer



ISS Fan Club    Get in touch with the ISS

SW radio guide   ATC   BBC   Current HF conditions   Radio Heritage      Reviews

  Virtual Amateur Radio. HamSphere to simulate a real shortwave Amateur Radio Station

old info General Technical Info

Amateur Radion APPs

160M Direction finding

modifications repair instructions and improvement of HAM rigs    Need an account

To find Long Lat QTH locator

News and info about the earth - sun enviroment     Aurora  predictions

world's only source for complete, original working Enigma Machines

APRS is transported over the AX.25 protocol using 1200 bit/s Bell 202 AFSK on  2M

Best site on internet for modifications repair instructions and improvement of HAM rigs,    Foundation M3,     Intermediate  2E0    Advanced M0   6/8/15   Radio ham  space station  garden shed

Easy reactance calculator    AR  discussion board   160M

Decoders for CW etc    Support stopped in 2009    For Vista   & Floppies!

Sporadic E Maps

Ban Power Line Technology  causing QRM   eg like mine Devolo

pool our knowledge of man-made interference (QRM)

Just that

Free    Modifications of rig

On FT-857

 Instead of self amlgamating tape.

tips on windows, Radio, DX conditions, VLF,      Power lost in coax  2M  & 70cms      RBN is a network of stations listening to the bands and reporting what stations they hear, when and how well.

Some FT-857 stuff

Microwave Diodes… Why a Schottky-barrier? Why a Point-contact?   Root site good

Sun and Band conditions sites


Actual  Tropospheric Ducting from individual stations

Russian Sun info  Magnetic storms,  Flares, Geomagnetic

shows HF band conditions

Masses of Solar Info by VE3EN     Good Aurora forecast

Limited HF propagation info

ARRL site. good read

Radio Propagation : Space Weather : Sunspot Cycle Information

All above in     AR Amateur Radio


Main SDR receivers on Web folder list

websdr*********   use Firefox  or Opera NOT IE  HTML5 does not work    *******

WebSDR problem with the latest Java update Most now allow use of HTML 5  audio feature

Brians list of SDR  Sites  here-

Some have Mobile phone versions

   The most complete list of SDR

list of SDR

HF WebSdr is located at the Nantwich Secret Nuclear Bunker, formerly R.A.F. Hack Green.   Best of all.

VHF / UHF WebSdr is located at the Nantwich Secret Nuclear Bunker, formerly R.A.F. Hack Green

Derby SDR   160m only Is close to   Martyn, G8DKV.   who will overload

located in Estonia (KO18UO)

web 9 3cm  23cm   70cm   2m   Southampton

10Ghz  Mow cop     Southampton   70  23cm

      2m amateur band from the Olympic Tower Munich, Germany.

LW  Peterborough

Actual SDR receivers     Boulton   G4HYG     20  40  160M but only to 1860

  10M     28140 - 28330 Shreveport, Louisiana,    10M SSB  band plan 28225 - 29100

Top band SDR by G4FPH    near Stafford in central England (IO92AS). Think very deaf

Sweeden   80 40 20

Chester SDR    433000 - 434950,   144 - 146,   28 - 30Mhz

Cleethorpes SDR    IO93XN 432 - 434,    434 - 436,     144 - 1463cm 10,368 - 10,370

Farnham Southhampton WebSDR     3cm  432-434 434-436 & 436-438,   143-145  145-147,    49.99 - 51.99,    5khx 2Mhz

Covers LW to 10M in one sweep Not very sensitive on 160M    Only a Mini-Wip

 160  can just be heard on Narrow CW   , 80, 40, 20, 17

160     500Hz - 2400Hz   quite sensitive Can here me, 80,   40,   20,    15,    10      Silberstedt 10km west of Schleswig, North-Germany JO44PN  84m loop/MiniWhip

160 can hear me,    80  CW  SSB,    40,  20 CW,  15,  10  144-145 Sweeden

general intro    W7RNA WebSDR receiver at Sedona, AZ. - approx. 100 miles (160km) north of Phoenix  Arizona USA    40,  80,  160M

Web SDR in New Jersey   USA80m-  G5RV - located 1/2 mile W. of Atlantic Ocean    +Hustler 6BTV     Aerial      Just in on CW on 20M

SDR Bucharest, Romania (KN34bk)    80 40 30 20

Estonia (KO18UO)   160 80 40 30

Receivers you can take over

2M  11M   10M  15M   located near Friedrichshafen (at Lake Constance / Bodensee, South Germany).     Dead

Andora 40 6 80 20M

Wideband SDR  LW to 10M  at Twente Netherlands.  Not very sensitive

List of SDR Says use instead of this site

160 80 40   at Stafford G4FPH

60 40 20 160m Boulton G4HYG  10m vertical optimised for local ground

Farnham WebSDR

SDR design

PA3FWM's software defined radio page

Other URLs

January 14, 2014, Oracle released Java 7 update 51, and with that update using WebSDR receivers has become more difficult.

FAQ  about the WebSDR project IE  does NOT support  HTML5 Use Opera  V15,   Firefox  V17,15/6;x=34.0086;z=7;t=3;m=sat;r=0;s=0;o=0;b=;n=0;

Shows live lightning worlwide

The Story of Offshore & Pirate Radio

Java  now use HTML5

on Firefox =   The WebSDR project has, since its beginning, used Java applets to play sound and show the waterfall display. These are so-called “unsigned” applets, which run in a restricted environment (called “sandbox”), where they cannot do any harm to your computer and thus are totally safe, in principle.

 Java and this sandbox are made by Oracle, and apparently Oracle has trouble making this sandbox totally safe. These bugs can be exploited by malicious applets to harm your computer. In the latest Java release, they apparently gave up the hope of fixing all sandbox bugs; instead, they now make it as difficult as possible to run unsigned applets at all, both the malicious and the good ones.

On Windows/Mac, you can find this list by going to the system control panel or System Preferences and choosing Java (you may want to use the control panel’s search function); then choose the Security tab, and click on “Manage Site List”. Then there’s an “Add” button to add a URL to the list. Put the complete URL there,

HTML5 Is not a total solution either: it doesn’t work on Internet Explorer, and generally not on older versions of browsers.    So I always use  Firefox or Avant.