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MIDCARS is a member of NARSA the Northern Amateur Radio Societies Association, who put one of the largest Amateur Radio and Electronic Rallies in the UK.

Mike G6GAK

Warrington ARS

Macclesfield & District ARS

Telford & District ARS

SOTA Summits on the Air

G-QRP Promotes low power operation

UkuG Promotes UHF / SHF operation

CPC Farnell Great supplier of similar components to Farnell but at a much cheaper price.

Farnell High quality supplier of components, tools, test equipment etc. They have a minimum order of £20 (exc VAT)

Rapid Electronics supplier of similar components to CPC Farnell but there is postage

AMSAT-UK Radio Amateur Satellites

RIG Remote Imaging Group

Hack Green Hack Green Nuclear Bunker

Hack Green SDR Software defined radio on the HF Bands (Java & Javascript are required)

SDR World SDR sites

TX Factor Amateur Radio HD TV shows

WSJT A variety of weak signal data modes

Maidenhead & Lat/Long calculator

Mock Exams Access log in

RSGB Band Plans

BRATS Resources have lots of useful links for newer licensees.

CARC Chelmsford ARC have helpful resources for students.